Valve Nut Rx


Do you need to replace a valve nut? Wachs Valve Nut Rx system is designed to save time and money by replacing rounded or missing operating valve nuts with new, long-lasting stainless steel replacement nuts, rather than replacing the valve itself. In case of an emergency such as a valve main break, closing the valve is critical in reducing water loss and performing urgently needed repairs. Wachs Valve Nut RX is the ideal solution to avoid customer service shutdowns and tearing up streets to dig up inoperable valves.

Valve Nut Rx is Designed To:

  • Replace a rounded, corroded, or inoperable operator nut.
  • Replace a missing operator nut.
  • Replace corroded hardware securing the nut.

Wachs Valve Nut Rx kit provides everything needed for successful nut replacement, including an extractor tool arm to remove the old operating nut down in the vault, a battery-operated drill and tap set as required, and an installation tool to install the new nut. Removing the worn nut is as easy as lowering the Nut Extractor: Set, Lock, and Lift. Replacement standard and emergency style stainless steel nuts are available singly or in kits, depending on your usage.

Valve Nut Rx Kit Includes:

  • 7ft Nut Extracting Tool Arm.
  •  7ft Installation Tool Arm.
  • Toolbox and Arm Storage Container.
  • 10) Stainless Steel Valve Nuts, (1) each sizes 1-10.
  • Nut Sizing Template.
  • Professional Battery-Operated Drill to operate included drill and tap set.
  • Set of extracting sockets.
  • Set of Deep Well 6 Piece Sockets with sleeves.
  • Chaser Kit - 3/4in, 5/8in, 1/2in, 9/16in.
  • 3lb. Sledgehammer with Soft Sledge.
  • Allen Wrench Set, Grease Tube.
  • 1/4in Drill Bit.
  • 11/32in Drill Bit.
  •  6-in File.
  •  Flashlight.
  •  Adjustable Magnet.
  •  Roll of Fixing Tape.
  • Hardware to reinstall operating nuts.


Valve Nut RX