Valve Maintenance Truck

The Valve Maintenance Truck, developed through the collaboration of Wachs and Knapheide, is a pinnacle of efficiency for infrastructure maintenance. Custom-designed to support comprehensive valve operations, it integrates a specialized service body with the Wachs Valve Maintenance Skid, offering unparalleled power and versatility. Equipped for both diesel and gasoline, featuring advanced hydraulic systems, a vacuum and spoils tank, and a pressure washer system, this truck is an essential tool for ensuring the durability and reliability of water infrastructure, streamlining maintenance tasks with its innovative design and robust capabilities.

Getting Started

To initiate your valve maintenance truck setup, begin by purchasing a chassis cab fleet vehicle from your dealer of choice, ensuring it meets the following criteria for compatibility and performance:

  • A minimum Gross Vehicle Rating Weight (GVRW) of 19,500 lbs
  • A cab to axle length of 84 inches
  • An OEM high output 300 amp or dual alternator arrangement to support the 200 amp power inverter load of the custom service body, in addition to the truck's electrical requirements
  • Factory-installed upfitter switches, rearview camera with prep kit, and backup alarm

Directly ship your chassis cab to Knapheide using specific site codes provided for Chevy, Ford, and Ram. Knapheide will then equip your vehicle with the custom service body and install the Wachs Service Body Skid, tailored to run on diesel or gasoline, mirroring your truck's engine type, and ready for immediate use upon pickup.

Customization and Features of a Valve Maintenance Truck

The collaboration between Wachs and Knapheide results in the industry-leading valve maintenance truck, which can be customized to meet your specific needs. This includes:Valve Maintenance Truck

  • A custom service body painted Oxford White
  • A rearview camera discreetly mounted behind the bumper
  • Inner-body storage optimized for the TM-7 HD Plus, with underbody storage for a 45 lb Breaker
  • A 110v, 20 Amp continuous (90 Amp peak) low-frequency inverter with auxiliary batteries and a 50ft electric cord reel
  • Additional storage solutions, including a two-drawer toolbox, underbody storage, and a key/shovel storage box
  • Enhanced safety features like a grip strut rear bumper with Pintle hook recess, LED warning strobe light kit, cab guard with rear-facing LED work lights, and more

Service Body Valve Maintenance Skid

The Service Body Skid, a key component of this package, integrates seamlessly with the custom service body provided by Knapheide. It comes preinstalled with all necessary valve maintenance components, including a vacuum system, water supply, spoils tank, and hydraulic power unit (HPU), all mounted on a durable steel skid ready for immediate use.

Key equipment includes:valve maintenance truck

  • A 500 CFM vacuum and 250-gallon spoils tank with hydraulic slide, tilt, and rear discharge
  • A 2.5 GPM@3000 psi pressure washer system with an 80-gallon water tank, with an optional hot water system
  • An HPU with a 10-gallon reservoir and fan-cooled heat exchanger, capable of operating a range of tools including the ERV-750 and optional TM-7 HD Plus
  • A 50-foot hydraulic hose reel, programmable arrow board, and work lights for comprehensive utility work

This custom valve maintenance truck package from Wachs and Knapheide represents a mobile, efficient, and versatile solution for maintaining valve infrastructure. It's designed to meet the rigorous demands of the field, ensuring that your valve maintenance tasks are completed with precision and reliability.