Valve Maintenance Skid Systems

Wachs Valve Maintenance Systems (VMS) introduces a streamlined approach to installation with its skid-mounted systems. Traditionally, valve maintenance equipment would be sent as separate components for custom installation, a process that was both time-consuming and costly. Wachs revolutionizes this with pre-installed and pre-wired systems mounted on a durable metal skid. This design, featuring a 3” tall, formed, and welded frame with integrated 8” full-length fork slot tubes, simplifies the process to merely securing the system with a few bolts onto a medium-duty flatbed truck.

Standard LX Skid: Gas or Diesel-Powered Efficiency

The Standard LX Skid exemplifies versatility and power in valve maintenance operations. Designed to meet the demands of both municipal and contractor applications, this model can be outfitted with either gasoline or diesel engines, providing flexibility in matching the power source to your existing fleet's fuel type. The Standard LX Skid includes the ERV-750 Extended Reach Valve Exerciser, renowned for its capability to handle a wide range of valve maintenance tasks with precision and ease. Additionally, it boasts a 500 CFM 11 in Hg vacuum system and a high-capacity spoils tank equipped with hydraulic functionalities for slide, lift, and dump operations, complemented by a latching rear door for secure and efficient spoil management. This model is ideal for those requiring a comprehensive, high-performance valve maintenance solution that integrates seamlessly with medium-duty flatbed trucks.

Compact Valve Maintenance Skid System: Streamlined and Effective

For operations where space is at a premium or the full capabilities of the Standard LX are not required, the Compact Skid presents an efficient alternative. This model retains the core features necessary for effective valve maintenance, including the industry-leading ERV-750 Extended Reach Valve Exerciser. It is designed for ease of transport and maneuverability, making it an excellent choice for smaller municipalities or contractors who need a potent yet more manageable solution. The Compact Skid is also designed for quick and easy mounting onto medium-duty flatbed trucks, ensuring that users can benefit from a high-quality maintenance system without the bulk and complexity of larger setups.

Both the Standard LX and Compact Skid systems from Wachs Utility Products are engineered with the user in mind, offering practical, powerful solutions for valve maintenance. Whether opting for the comprehensive capabilities of the Standard LX Skid or the streamlined efficiency of the Compact Skid, users can expect durable construction, ease of installation, and exceptional performance tailored to the unique demands of valve maintenance tasks.