Hydrant Buddy

The Hydrant Buddy is a crucial tool for valve maintenance, streamlining the operation and upkeep of water hydrants. It simplifies the opening and closing of valves, reducing manual strain and preventing system damage. Essential for water infrastructure maintenance, it ensures the longevity and optimal functionality of valves, proving invaluable for water management professionals.

What is the Hydrant Buddy?

It is the industry’s most powerful, lightweight tool designed to operate the following:

  • Hydrants
  • Gate Valves
  • PIVs
  • Sluice Gates
  • Tapping

Hydrant Buddy is powered by a Milwaukee industrial motor and custom-engineered gearbox, and weighs only 23 pounds.

What are the safety benefits?

It was developed in cooperation with Minnesota municipalities to reduce injuries, increase productivity, and reduce the cost of work. It makes work easier and reduces the risk of injuries often associated with hydrant flushing.