Handheld Valve Turner

Maintaining the water infrastructure is a critical task that involves the operation of valves and valve handwheels. Organizations may oversee hundreds or thousands of valves that need to be managed or "exercised" regularly. Exercising a valve entails moving it through its full range of motion to prevent it from sticking or freezing, which can occur due to tuberculation— the accumulation of dirt, rust, and sediment around valves connected to steel or ductile iron pipes.

Regular exercise is crucial; without it, tuberculation can make valves difficult or even impossible to operate manually, especially in urgent situations like water main breaks. Forcing a valve in such conditions can lead to valve stem breakage, necessitating expensive replacements.

Pow-R-Drive 2 (P-2) Valve Exerciser

The Wachs Pow-R-Drive 2 (P-2) is designed to efficiently operate or exercise handwheel and rising stem valves. It is available in two models to suit different needs: the high torque (HT) model for applications requiring substantial force, and the high speed (HS) model for faster operation. The P-2 Valve Exerciser is an essential tool for enhancing productivity, ensuring operator safety, and protecting valves from damage. It's particularly suited for difficult-to-reach valves, routine valve exercising, and rapid shutdowns. Offering portability for daily use, the P-2 comes in electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic power options, delivering between 500 to 800 ft lbs of torque, depending on the model.

RS-2 Handheld Valve Exerciser

The RS-2 Handheld Valve Exerciser is specifically designed for rising stem valves, making it an indispensable tool for precise and safe valve operation. Like the P-2, the RS-2 enhances productivity, operator safety, and valve protection, offering a portable solution for challenging valve locations and emergency shutdowns. Available in electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic power options, the RS-2 can provide the necessary torque for efficient valve exercising. Both the P-2 and RS-2 models can be equipped with VITALS technology, enabling recordability and advanced torque control for optimized operation.

Key Benefits to Handheld Valve Turners

  • Increased Productivity: Both the P-2 and RS-2 Valve Exercisers streamline the process of valve maintenance, allowing for quicker and more efficient operation.
  • Enhanced Safety: By using these tools, the risk of injury from manually operating valves is significantly reduced.
  • Valve Protection: Reduces the risk of valve damage by providing controlled, precise torque.
  • Versatility: With multiple power options and models designed for different types of valves, these exercises can be tailored to meet specific operational needs.
  • Advanced Control: The optional VITALS technology offers an added layer of operational control and record-keeping, ensuring optimal performance and maintenance tracking.

The Wachs P-2 and RS-2 Handheld Valve Exercisers represent a significant advancement in water infrastructure maintenance, offering solutions that protect both the infrastructure and the individuals responsible for its upkeep.