Metal Detectors


In our ever-changing landscape, important assets are buried or paved over making finding for them both difficult and time-consuming. Valve and manhole covers are often lost after groundwork activities, re-surfacing, or after heavy snowfalls. Buried boundary markers can also be difficult to find.

Most of these items are manufactured using magnetic or ferrous materials. These can be detected using the VM-880. As it detects only ferrous materials, aluminum cans, bottle caps,  etc. are rejected.

The simple audio and visual user interface has been designed to minimize training requirements while the latest technologies are employed to ensure maximum sensitivity and depth range. Particular attention has been made to ensuring the weight of the VM-880 is minimized, at just 1.54lbs (0.7kg), it is by far the lightest in its class. This has been achieved without compromise to strength. The submersible carbon fiber antenna tube is both lightweight and provides maximum protection to sensitive sensors.

Key features such as field polarity, 50/60Hz warning, continuous battery level, signal strength indicators and one touch sensitivity control include all the latest features required by an ever-demanding customer base.



mertal detectors