Impulse Radar GPR

At Impulse Radar, our Ground Penetrating Radar solutions are built on the latest Real-Time Sampling (RTS) technology platform. They are fast, offer exceptional bandwidth and dynamic range, and are modular to meet your specific needs. You will be able to maximize productivity through the rapid collection of high-quality GPR data, and make the best use of your CapEx budget.


Ground Penetrating Radar Utility Locator

The PinPointR has been developed to maximize in-field productivity by utilizing ImpulseRadar’s innovative real-time sampling (RTS) dual-channel antenna technology, which provides incredible bandwidth, speed, and resolution, all controlled via an intuitive Android-driven user interface.

The ImpulseRadar PinPointR offers a clear and dependable way to quickly and easily locate, avoid or map underground utilities with the functionality required to meet approved industry standards, whilst offering market-leading performance and data quality.

Detect/Avoid and Map Underground Utilities


ImpulseRadar Real-Time Sampling (RTS) based antenna technology.

  • Quick, clear and dependable Locates to maximize in-field productivity and decision making.
  • Dual channel operation400 MHz (LF) and 800 MHz (HF)
  • One-pass locates with full depth range improves locating efficiency and decision making.
  • Wireless data acquisition
  • No cables to be lost or broken, which simplifies set-up and in-field productivity and minimizes operational servicing costs.
  • Android-driven user interface
  • Flexibility in choice of acquisition device
  • 7-hour battery life
  • Low power consumption extends working time.
  • Internal GPS
  • Geo-referenced data as standard
  • Supports external GPS.
  • Compatible with DGPS or RTK-GPS for higher accuracy geo-referencing for mapping/reporting purposes
  • Automatic utility report generation
  • Simplifies report generation and proves site visit for job/ ticket sign-off.