Clamp Extension Pole

The Telescoping Clamp Extension Rod is a fiberglass non-conductive rod that has an inductive head clamp adapter. Once you’ve attached the signal clamp you can safely use it on overhead lines, lines in trenches, and in manholes.

The design of the Telescoping Clamp Extension Rod expands from 6′ to 12′ in length. It also in- cludes a double lock (internal lock and external cap) that ensures pole will not collapse. As a result you have a secure connection at any length the pole is extended to reach. In addition, the pole is lightweight, with durable fiberglass that will not crimp under high stress like aluminum poles. The user can reduce the rod to it’s smaller 6′ length for easier storage.

  • Extendable length
  • Use on overhead lines
  • Use in underground vaults or manholes Manufactured with non-conductive material
  • Telescoping Extension Rod Compatibility:
    • 5′′ Signal Clamp
    • 4′′ Signal Clamp
    • 2′′ Signal Clamp

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Jameson Clamp-Extension Rod