Pressure & Flow: SebaFlow Classic

The SebaFlow Classic is a cutting-edge ultrasonic flow monitoring system designed for continuous and precise measurement of water flow in district metering areas (DMA).

The SebaFlow Classic by SebaKMT system is particularly valued for its maintenance-free operation and its ability to perform early leak detection efficiently.

Key Features of the SebaFlow Classic:

  • Non-intrusive Installation: The SebaFlow Classic is installed without any need to interrupt the water supply, as the sensors are attached externally to the pipe. This feature makes it ideal for operations where maintaining continuous water service is critical.
  • Versatile Monitoring Capabilities: It supports zone measurement and is compatible with the Poseyedon system, enhancing its functionality within water network monitoring applications.
  • Data Management: The system can transmit data to SebaKMT's SebaCloud or directly to a customer's FTP server, offering flexibility in how data is accessed and utilized.
  • Robust Design: The device operates independently of the pipe material, making it versatile for use on any type of pipe infrastructure. Its design also allows for power supply integration from existing infrastructure like street lighting, alongside an integrated rechargeable battery for several days of uninterrupted operation.


  • SebaFlow Classic is typically used for permanent flow and zone monitoring within a DMA, aiding in the management and reduction of water loss across the network. Its ultrasonic technology ensures precise measurements even at low flow rates, crucial for the early detection of leaks and anomalies in the system.

This system is an excellent choice for utility managers looking to enhance operational efficiency and water conservation through sophisticated monitoring technology.

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