Stanley HP28 (Twin-8)

The Stanley Infrastructure HP28 (TWIN8) is a dual-circuit hydraulic power unit designed to simultaneously operate two hydraulic tools at full capacity, featuring advanced thermal management and robust construction for enhanced productivity and reliability.

The HP28 (TWIN8) is a twin circuit hydraulic power unit by Stanley Infrastructure, designed to operate two tools at 8 gpm simultaneously. This innovation allows for running two hydraulic tools at full capacity, enhancing productivity and versatility. It features Active Thermal Management for optimal performance in various weather conditions, side handles for easy lifting and impact protection, solid tires to avoid flat tires, and a Tough Grip multi-position handle for improved control. Specifications include a 2000 psi pressure, 3.2 gallons hydraulic reservoir, and a 27 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. Accessories like dual and twinned hoses are available.


HP28 (Twin-8)

  • Active Thermal Management (ATM): Optimizes performance in varying weather by managing oil temperatures, enhancing preheat time, and extending tool runtime.
  • Side Handles: Designed for easy lifting and added side impact protection, with durability and no corrosion-prone moving parts.
  • Solid Tires: Prevents flat tires and reduces effort needed for moving the unit.
  • Tough Grip Multi-Position Handle: Offers improved comfort and control with a durable grip surface.
  • Lifting Hook: Facilitates convenient and safe lifting and transportation of the unit


Stanley HP28 (twin-8)

Stanley HP28 (twin-8)