Handheld Breakers


Nothing equals the impact force of hydraulic breakers. With the best power-to-weight ratio, higher blow energy, and lower noise level than pneumatic breakers, Stanley hydraulic breakers are simply the best choice. 

BR45/BR50/BR67/BR87 Handheld Breakers

Our 70-lb. class breakers deliver roughly the same impact energy as most 90-lb. pneumatic breakers. Internal components are continually bathed in hydraulic oil, providing long tool life with minimal maintenance. Since the hydraulic system is totally enclosed, there is no tool exhaust or oil atomization.
Features and Benefits
  • No tool exhaust.
  • Quieter operation than pneumatic tools; allows for use in sensitive areas.
  • Hydraulic oil provides continuous lubrication of internal parts for longer service life.
  • Modular, re-buildable design platform improves serviceability.
  • Feathering ON/OFF valve to control speed and make initial tool placement easy.
  • Anti Vibration handles are available in certain models for ease of use.
  • EZ Ride foot allows for increased control.

When sizing the appropriate breaker for the application use 10 pounds for each inch of material. A 40-pound breaker is a good fit for 4-inch concrete and a 90-lb breaker is ideal 9-inch + concrete.



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