Comparing vLoc3 Utility Locators

When it comes to locating buried utilities, preventing damage while collecting essential data is paramount. This has led to the development of cutting-edge utility locators like the vLoc3-RTK-Pro, vLoc3-Pro, and vLoc3-9800. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of these devices and offer a comprehensive comparison.

vLoc3-Pro: Setting the Bar High

The vLoc3-Pro comes equipped with innovative tools that make the locating process seamless. Its dual set of screened 3D antennas help in easily detecting signal distortion, which is vividly represented on a full-color display. What truly sets it apart are the unique locate perspectives:

  1. Vector Locate – Automatic non-walk over locating.
  2. Transverse Graph – Displays both peak and null, providing immediate signal distortion measurement.
  3. Plan View – Reveals the cable’s relative orientation at any angle.
  4. Graphical Sonde Screen – Comes with guidance arrows for easier sonde location.

The device boasts eight passive locate modes, a fault-find mode, SD mode, and frequencies ranging from 98Hz to 200kHz. It also offers audio and mechanical vibrationUtility Location alerts which can be tailored by the user. Moreover, plug-and-play options like the Bluetooth module and EMS foot extend its functionality further.

vLoc3-9800: Versatility at its Best

The vLoc3-9800 stands out with its patented Distance Sensitive Left/Right Guidance. With both current measurement and a compass line direction indicator, it ensures the user remains on target. It offers a myriad of frequencies to cater to different utilities including telecom, power, CATV, gas, water, and sewer.vLoc3-9800 Receiver

Similar to its counterpart, this tool offers two passive locate modes, fault-find mode, and frequencies between 98Hz to 200kHz. Users can customize visual and mechanical vibration alerts. Additionally, the device can integrate with external GPS devices via the Bluetooth module and the vLoc3-MLA, further enhancing its capabilities.

vLoc3-RTK-Pro: Redefining Precision

The vLoc3 RTK-Pro is a trailblazer. It’s the first to introduce RTK GNSS accuracy to utility locators. Equipped with an internal cellular module boasting 4G LTE capabilities, it can connect to an NTRIP RTK caster for RTCM 3 corrections. This allows for the collection of both utility location data and the geographical location with unmatched accuracy.vLoc3-RTK-Pro

Its design caters to all operator levels, sporting user-friendly screens. With the ability to confirm utility data effortlessly and align the electronic spirit level to store this data, it’s a step above the rest. All captured data is seamlessly sent to the cloud and stored onboard for easy review and export.

Furthermore, it shares many features with the vLoc3-Pro, including eight passive locate modes, fault-find mode, SD mode, and the frequency range. It also offers visual and mechanical vibration alerts. The inclusion of Tx-Link is an added advantage, allowing users to remotely control the transmitter’s features.

Leverage VM-MAP for Enhanced Data Management

All three devices can benefit from the free VM-MAP smartphone application. This tool allows operators to create real-time maps using GPS data combined with information from the locator, such as depth, current on the line, and more. External GPS data can be easily integrated, downloaded, and used in tandem with GIS systems or Google Maps.


The vLoc3 series, with its variants, offers a comprehensive solution to utility location. Whether it’s the vLoc3-Pro with its innovative display perspectives, the versatile vLoc3-9800, or the precision-driven vLoc3-RTK-Pro, there’s a tool for every professional need. By understanding their features and capabilities, professionals can make an informed decision tailored to their operational requirements.